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Designing your dream kitchen

Getting a new kitchen can be a very exciting and creative process, but also stressful. We want to make things easy for you by helping you with the selection process. We are like your own personal kitchen Genie. You tell us your wish and we will make it happen.

Step 1

Style Advice

During our first consultation we want you to get a feel for SieMatic and their products. Whether you live in a beach house in the Hamptons or a charming flat in Manhattan, we will show you a wide range of possibilities from styling to door selections.

Step 2

Identifying your needs

The more details the better. Do you want your kitchen to be pet friendly, which appliances do you prefer and what is your budget? The more information we have, the sooner your dream will become a reality.

Step 3


If you have an architect and a designer already involved in the process and a concept put together, we can take that concept and convert it to a SieMatic kitchen. Or we can design it for you based on your wants and needs. Then we would show you a preliminary concept either on AutoCAD or by hand.

Step 4


You can see your dream kitchen before it is even installed: We can give you a first glimpse with a 3D, very realistic-looking computer-generated image.

Step 5

Shape and Style

We work with a full range of kitchen shapes and styles, whether it is a big kitchen, small kitchen or something in between. From very lavish kitchens with metals and lacquers and wood veneers to stunning small kitchens, with well-fitted framed laminate - you name it we can handle it.

Step 6

Electrical appliances and features

When it comes to fitting your kitchen with the best, we offer different luxury appliances and features. Whether it is cabinets, appliances, countertops or sinks and faucets, we cater to your preferences.

Step 7

Interior design

With SieMatic, you have a brand that not only sets standards in terms of design, but also thinks functionally. A kitchen has to be comfortable as well as enjoyable. Our main priority is to meet all of your needs – to succeed where others have failed.

Step 8


If you are 100% convinced that our design is the way to go, we will then visit the site and take precise measurements. Once you have signed off on the drawings, we will place the order and wait for the product to arrive from Germany.

Step 9

Professional expertise

You deserve quality service and a great kitchen deserves great consideration. That’s why we only work with the best independent installation teams.

Step 10

Delivery and Installation

While your kitchen is being produced in Germany, we will remain in constant contact with you through our project management. We typically install our cabinetry with a dry fit installation, set the appliances with our cabinets and apply any required panels.

comfort with compromise

You can look forward to award winning designs, the finest material quality and innovative systems and functions. Your new SieMatic kitchen will continue to outperform for years and years to come. Experience a new and upscale living space that is more than just a kitchen. Whether you are socializing with friends or making memories with family - treat yourself to a luxurious new way of cooking.

Would you prefer to meet with us in person?

If you would like to make an appointment or have questions regarding the kitchen planning process, please feel free to contact us by phone at our New York SieMatic showroom. We look forward to hearing from you.

+1 (212) 752 7900